How to Create a Successful Sales Funnel for Your Merchandise Website

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The Problem: Low Conversion Rates

Major of online business seller struggle with converting visitors into paying customers. You might be having a lot of traffic to your website, but if those website visitors aren’t making purchases then your efforts are not paying you and that actually causes low conversion rates?

  • Lack of user Engagement: Visitors come to your site, but they don’t find your products interesting enough to look around or stay for longer time.
  • Weak Incentives: visitors see your products, but there is no any strong enough reason for them to buy. They might think, “Why should I buy this now?”
  • Poor Follow Up: This can be the strongest reason for low conversion after people visit your website once, they don’t hear from you again. Without any reminders, they forget about your site and don’t come back to buy anything.

What is the Solution?

Your business needs a well designed sales funnel to address these issues by guiding visitors through a series of steps, each step is designed to increase their interest and encourage them to make a purchase. Here’s we have created a simple steps for creating a successful sales funnel for your website.

Sales Funnel for Ecommerce Marketing | Dcrayons

Step 1: Advertisements on Different Platforms

The first step is to effectively drive traffic to your website using a combination of Facebook Ads, Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Pinterest, and other platforms, by this way business can just only derive traffic to your website, you can follow these steps, what will be the advertisement budget is the another topic to research for efficient traffic and we can discuss that in another blog:

Facebook Ads

  • Targeting Audience Segments: Facebook’s detailed targeting options is the best approach to reach different audience segments based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and even custom audiences (like website visitors or email subscribers). creating multiple ad sets to test different segments and messages is good way to target wide range of customers.
  • Ad Formats: Business can utilize various ad formats such as carousel ads (showcasing multiple products), single image/video ads, or collection ads (curated collections of your merchandise) to engage users that results in clicks to your website.

Google Ads

  • Search Campaigns: Another approach is to set up Google Search campaigns to capture users actively searching for products similar to yours product. Use relevant keywords related to your merchandise that results in appearing in search results when potential customers are looking to make more purchase.
  • Shopping Campaigns: If you sell physical products you can consider Google Shopping ads. shopping ads will showcase your products directly in search results with an image, price, and store name to make it easier for users to compare and purchase your product.


  • Promoted Pins: This is a create another popular way to appealing visual Pins that will showcase your merchandise. Todays youth search the latest trends in merchandise on Pinterest first before making purchase on Amazon, Myntra or any other website before they purchase, use Pinterest’s targeting options for reaching users based on interests, keywords, demographics, and behaviors. Business can promote pins that links directly to the website that will make it easy for buyers to click through and make a purchase.
  • Rich Pins: By creating Rich Pins for your products that also provides an additional details like pricing, availability, and direct links to the website for rich shopping experience for Pinterest users.

Other Advertising Platforms

  • Instagram Ads: Business can take advantage of Instagram’s visual platform that will help business to showcase merchandise through photo and video ads. Now a days UGC videos are more popular that results in more organic traffic and build strong user relationship.  Business can find Instagram’s targeting capabilities to reach desired audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  • TikTok Ads: This advertisement platform is ban in multiple countries but still is popular growing platform for engaging short-form video ads that showcase your products creatively. Target your audience based on interests, demographics, and behaviors that results in driving traffic to your website.

Step 2: Offer a Lead Magnet

After visitors click on your ads, the next step is directing them to a Lead Magnet Landing Page. Here, business can offer them something valuable that encourage them to give you their email address, phone number such as:

  • A list of top 10 merchandise designs
  • A 10% discount coupon, and other offers buy one get one

Step 3: Thank You Page

After they sign up to your website, take them to a Thank You Page for featuring:

  • Video testimonials from happy customers to build trust
  • A call-to-action (CTA) button encouraging them to browse all your merchandise on your platform

Step 4: Retargeting Ads

If your user don’t sign up, then use Retargeting Ads to remind them about your offer and bring them back to your site, a study shows that retargeting can bring up to 40% more conversion then fresh advertisement that leads to be hot leads for your business.

Step 5: Shop Merchandise Store

Visitors who click the CTA button on the thank you page are now directed to your Shop Merchandise Store, where they can explore your products, take advantages of Analytics to see the user behavior and set the products what they want or looking for.

Step 6: Add to Cart

When visitors add items to their cart, they’re on the path to making a purchase but still need to be converted as customer. If they leave without adding items, use Retargeting Ads to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Step 7: Checkout

When visitors proceed to checkout, they complete their purchase if not the cart is now called abundant cart, you can send some email or send message with some offer to encourage them for purchase. If the transaction is done, redirect them to a Thank You Page with a social share option to help spread the word about your store.

Step 8: Post-Purchase Follow-Up

Building customer loyalty is important factor for any business. Follow up with:

  • 3 post-purchase emails: Request testimonials and encourage them to share on social media about there experience.

Step 9: Follow-Up for Non-Purchasers

For those who signed up but didn’t buy then send follow up messages to them:

  • 3 follow-up emails: Remind them about your merchandise and offer additional incentives that now you are offering to them.

Additional Steps

Ensure your funnel has a strong foundation:

  • A well-designed landing page for attraction
  • A clear and engaging confirmation page
  • An informative service landing page
  • A simple 2-step opt-in box
  • An inviting booking page
  • A heartfelt thank you page


Effective follow-up strategies can be a important phase where you can convert the user that are more likely to purchase, steps include in follow up include:

  • Sending follow-up emails highlighting benefits and providing how-to guides
  • Using retargeting ads to remind potential customers about their interest offers and other benefits.

Fuel Your Funnel

It is also important to keep your funnel running smoothly with at each step:

  • Consistent inbound traffic from ads
  • Regular retargeting to keep your visitors more engaged
  • A welcoming thank you page to conclude the purchase

Key Takeaways

  • Install tracking: Tracking user behavior will give you the list of latest trends what is outdated what user likes more monitoring visitors’ actions on your site to understand their journey.
  • Retargeting: Retargeting ads is used to remind the user about ads to bring visitors back to your website.
  • Email Marketing: Follow up with emails to convert visitors into customers and encourage repeat purchases.
  • WhatsApp Marketing: user spends lesser time on WhatsApp but then Facebook scrolling but interacts 150% more messages than any platform, business can take advantage of WhatsApp API through meta, by verifying there business on Facebook and can send business messages to there users, research shows 60% conversion happen on WhatsApp than any other platform .

By following these steps, you can create a successful sales funnel for your merchandise website and turn visitors into loyal customers.

If you prefer expert help, Dcrayons can build a sales funnel for you. We take care of everything before starting any ads or marketing. We work through each step and check every detail to make sure it works perfectly.

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