Amazon Account Optimization

Focuses on enhancing your account settings and preferences for a seamless shopping experience. Learn strategies to manage subscriptions, orders, and privacy settings efficiently.

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What we Provides?

Amazon Account Management involves overseeing various aspects of your Amazon account to ensure smooth and secure online shopping. This includes managing orders, subscriptions, payment methods, and security settings to optimize your overall user experience.
  • +Order Management
  • +Payment Methods
  • +Subscription Services
  • +Account Security
  • +Communication Preferences
  • +Returns & Refunds

How we work

step 01

Market Research and Product Selection

Analyze competitors, target audience, and current market trends to choose the right products for listing.

step 02

Listing Optimization

Use high-quality images and videos to showcase the product features and benefits. Implement relevant keywords to improve search visibility and ranking on Amazon.

step 03

Advertising and Promotion

Set up and manage Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display campaigns.

step 04

Customer Engagement and Support

Provide excellent customer service by responding promptly to inquiries and addressing issues. Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews and ratings.

step 05

Performance Analysis and Optimization

Use analytics to identify areas for improvement in product listings, pricing, and ad campaigns. Continuously optimize marketing strategies based on data insights to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

What is Amazon account Management service?

Amazon account management services are designed to help users efficiently handle various aspects of their Amazon accounts, ensuring an enhanced shopping experience. These services include order tracking and management, allowing users to view, track, and modify their orders to ensure timely delivery and resolve any issues

The returns and refunds process is simplified, with easy initiation and tracking of returns. Personal information management keeps account details current, and access to purchase history allows for downloading records for personal or accounting purposes. By utilizing these comprehensive services, users can maintain a secure, organized, and enjoyable shopping experience on Amazon.


Unlocking the Mystery of Amazon account management: Your Comprehensive FAQ Guide

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Know More

An Amazon SAS Core manager costs $1,600 per month + 0.3% of your previous calendar month’s total sales + tax. Total sales don’t include returns, shipping, sales tax, or other charges.

An account manager is an entry- to mid-level employee who is responsible for the day-to-day management of a particular customer’s account within a business.

The account with the email address that you used to register for Amazon Pay has administrator privileges. The user holding this account, also called the account manager, can access all account tools and features.

Managing the seller relationship by championing the seller’s needs at Amazon. Build strong communication channels at all levels of the seller’s organization, set proper expectations, provide clear status communications, and manage towards a growth plan.

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Designed for Your Success



Management by Junior Ac Manager

  • Buyer – Seller communication
  • Feedback management
  • Performance management
  • 1 Listing per day max




Management by Senior Ac Manager

  • 3 Listing Per Day Max.
  • A+ Listing (up to 5)
  • Safe-T Claim
  • FBA shipment & removal
  • Campaign Management
  • Prime enrollment (if eligible)
  • Seller flex enrollment (if eligible)
  • Listing optimization
  • Keywords research
  • Infographic Image (up to 5 ASIINS)


Best Value



Management by Super Senior Ac Manager

  • Brand store management
  • 100+ Listing Per Month Max.
  • A+ Listing (up to 10)
  • Creative for A+ up to 10
  • Product video up to 5
  • Safe-T Claim
  • FBA shipment & removal
  • Campaign Management
  • Prime enrollment (if eligible)
  • Seller flex enrollment (if eligible)
  • Listing optimization
  • Keywords research
  • Category Approvel



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