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I will invest in online infrastructure after getting result v/s I will start investing in infrastructure to get sales

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Making your business visible online is important, but it is just as important to pick the right tools if you are serious about your business. we have done some research on the business and found the weak online infrastructures and hiring any marketing agency to generate there sales and results in failure in business. Here is an easy steps to help you in choosing the right platform if you want to start business that is important when you wants to grow your business online.

Know What You Need

  • Mostly purpose of your website is for generating direct and indirect sales and services for your business, knowing your customer behavior.
  • Figure out what features is need for your website for example if you are selling online products then you need ecommerce features like checkout,  shopping cart, Wishlist, Customer communication system on various steps, user verification. only checkout features are not enough now a days to generate the sales. you need to enable more marketing features to know the behavior of your customer, advertisement tools, trust building tools and lots of others.

Pick the Right Website CMS

  • Flexibility: Your CMS must be flexible according to your need, must be able to add the marketing features according to your product, variations for the products, now a days if you want to work on ecommerce business then Shopify is the the good choice that have lot of plugins created for marketing tools.
  • Customization: Make sure you can change the website to look how you want.
  • Growing with You: Pick a system that can handle more visitors as your business gets bigger.

What is CMS

Get Good Website Hosting

  • Choose Wisely: Pick a company like WP Engine or AWS that can keep your website running smoothly.
  • What You Need: Think about how much space and power your website needs, see multiple plans CPU, RAM, Choose SSD rather than HDD now.

Recommendations for better performance:

  • RAM: 4 GB or more for a smoother experience, especially with plugins and high traffic.
  • CPU: A powerful CPU ensures faster page load times, particularly with many products or complex customization.
  • SSD Storage: Solid-state drive offers significantly faster read/write speeds compared to HDDs.


  • Choose a hosting plan that allows you to easily upgrade resources like RAM and storage as your store grows.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting:

  • Consider managed WooCommerce hosting for a hassle-free experience. These providers take care of server maintenance, security updates, and WooCommerce optimization.

Additional Tips:

  • Caching: Implement caching mechanisms to improve website speed.
  • Image Optimization: Optimize product images for faster loading times.
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network): Use a CDN to deliver content from geographically distributed servers for better performance across locations.

Build Trust and Make Sales Easier

  • Get Reviews: Ask your customers to leave reviews to build trust with new customers, your values of reviews matters when you want to make business online, there are several platforms that allows business to create trustable reviews, Trust pilot is one of the powerful tools to collect reviews, not only making for making trust in customers these tools also enhance your score in SEO.
  • Make Buying Easy: Use tools to make it easier for people to buy things from your website with options to pay for monthly, yearly or quarterly basis.

Trust Pilot reviews

Faster is not only when traffic is low, Faster means to serve fast when traffic is high

  • Speed Things Up: when you are testing the speed of your website make sure to check the traffic on the website, generally business owner open and test there website in there browser where the website got already cached website, business think that there will open same for all user that’s how it is opening in there browser that results in fail in checking website for real traffic.
  • Use Good Pictures: Make sure your pictures load quickly so your website works well, managing good pictures in website is also important, generally when your potential customer buy something online they actually buy the image, that is displaying to on the website, rather then feeling and interacting with the actual product so product shoot is equally important and investing in it will give you good result rather than picking low resolution images from website.

In Summary

It is a hard choice between “I will invest in online infrastructure ones getting sales v/s I will start investing infrastructure to get sales”. Choosing the best tools for your online business is really important. By investing in the right tools can be costlier today but can reduce the risk of failure, and also helps in reducing the marketing budget and knowing there customer behaviors quicky, that will helps in converting the sales easily.

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